Traffic Violations

scales-of-justiceTraffic violations are common charges and consist of any moving or non-moving violations as defined under North Carolina law. While some traffic violation charges may not seem serious, there are often unseen consequences that can result if these charges are not handled properly.

Some of these consequences could result in a suspension of your license, increase in insurance, high fines and, possibly, even a loss of your freedom.
Some of the types of traffic offenses Garrison Law can help with, include:

  • Speeding
  • Expired Registration Card/tag
  • Expired Insurance
  • Expired/No Operator’s License
  • Failure to stop at red light/stop sign
  • Failure to stop for emergency vehicle/accident
  • Reckless/Aggressive Driving
  • Passing stopped school bus
  • Operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol
  • Driving with an open container
  • Driving while under age 21 while drinking or after having consumed alcohol
There are many other traffic violation charges not listed here that Garrison Law also has the experience and expertise to help with. At Garrison Law, we have the knowledge to help you understand your traffic violation charges and to help you get the best result possible. For professional, knowledgeable assistance with your traffic violation charge, contact Garrison Law today for a free consultation.