alcoholic-drink-car-keysBeing charged with a driving while impaired offense can be scary and overwhelming. Not only is the fear of what will happen next, daunting, but North Carolina law regarding driving while impaired offenses is complex and ever changing.

North Carolina defines a driving while impaired offense as one in which a person is found to be driving a vehicle on a public street or highway while under an impairing substance. If convicted, you can face suspension of your driver’s license, high fines, or even jail time. Often, the outcome of your case is improved by having solid, legal counsel by your side.

At Garrison Law, PLLC, we have handled many DWI charges and have gotten many favorable outcomes in court. There are many small details involved with every DWI offense including the initial stop by the police, police procedure throughout arrest, paperwork, and processing at the jail. Our firm knows the law and will work hard to make sure that your rights have not and will not be violated. Garrison Law will guide you through every step of the DWI process, from your first encounter with the police, to the final result in the court room.

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